Search for Products

Searching for your favorite products is a simple process. There are several methods for this.

  1. Main menu
  2. Categorized menu
  3. Search the site with the search input box.
Add to basket

Anywhere in the site, beside the products image and details, you have an “Add to Cart” button. As soon as you choose your product, enter the quantity needed, then click the button.
You might want to delete or change the quantity, so you must click the button “View Cart” in order to change the quantity or delete a product from your order.

Edit you order

In order to edit your order, you should access the “View Cart” link from the top right side of the site. In that section you have the possibility to change quantities, delete products and add new, recommended products.

If you change the items in the basket, you should click the “Update Cart” button. It will update your order. If you are sure you have chosen all the requested products and that the quantities are correct, click the “Finish Order” icon to be transferred to the final step of your order.

Finalize order

This is the last step of your order. In this section there will be listed a summary of your order, so it is important to review that list. You will be asked to fill in a short form with your contact and delivery details.

It is recommended that you register to our site in order to save time. Registered customers will not be asked to fill in the contact details, as they will be filled in automatically.

In case you have chosen to pay for the order via credit card, you will be transferred to PayPal, a secured billing site, in which you will be asked to fill in some more details regarding the payment method. For all the other payment methods, that will be the last step of the order.

After finalizing the order, you will receive a confirmation mail with your order summary. In case you have discovered any mistake or you have any misunderstanding, do not hesitate to contact our customer care line.

If you are registered on store.totalfly.net, you can track your order anytime and receive an updated status.

Shipping Policy

Customer Care

Working Hours: Monday – Friday from 07:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC

Phone: +40 755 814078

E-mail: [email protected]