Book a jet for your Private Flight
Private Flights

Flying with a private jet is not necessarily considered a luxury.

Book a jet for your Private Flight

The private jet is a useful tool for those who need to move quickly between two locations and wants to avoid endless queues at check-in or waiting between flight connections. With private flights you can leave as soon as you finished the business meeting for your next destination.

In addition, private flights can take you directly to secondary airports that are not served by major airline companies. Total Fly offers to its customers the most effective flights solutions, depending on the requirements. Our experts are available 24 hours, 7 days a week and can help you find the best aircrafts available on the market at the best prices, with the best service included. Everything to ensure you fly quietly, in security and comfort.

Total Fly - Private Jet FlightsBusiness

Total Fly experts will gladly provide you not only “ad-hoc” flight solutions for important meetings or last minute emergencyes but also for regular private flights for groups of business people. We find solutions for those who desire a flexible travel schedule durring weekends or those who doesn’t always find convenient transportation alternatives at traditional airlines due to the schedule or the lack of direct connections. Total Fly can organize corporate flights starting from four passengers reservations with origin and destination at any commercial airport.

LeisureTotal Fly - Private Jet Flights

We know that for a business person free time is always very limited and important. Then why not to fully exploit the available time that you have at your disposal? For example, a weekend in London is not the same when you lose one day at the airport. A romantic dinner in Paris will be more pleasant and delightful if you avoid airport congestion, even without considerig the intimate atmosphere that you can have on a plane where is just “You and Her” … and obviously the pilots!

Total Fly - Private Jet FlightsHigh Value Transports

The private aircrafts are also suitable for transporting items that are very valuable items or fragile: artwork, currency, very important documents … they can reach the destination in maximum safety. If you are unable to attend, Total Fly guarantees the item’s transportation under strict security providing by the best companies in the field.

Total Fly - Book a jet for a commercial flight
Commercial Flights

Regardless of the number of passengers, Total Fly can provide any type of charter aircraft for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies or Companies.

Total Fly - Commercial Flights

We can find the best solution depending on the type of the request or budget. Whether it’s a single flight or charter connected flights for determinated periods, our experience in this field qualifies us to be suitable partners to ensure that your journey would be a success and your customer satisfied of to service quality, safety and reliability of the airlines operators we are working with.

Total Fly - Commercial FlightsSports Teams

Traveling relaxed and safe is important when it comes to sporting events. Our goal is to become your trusted partner for travel teams, managers or supporters that will accompany their favorites athletes. Ask us for a quote without obligation.


Team Buildings

By plane you can reach in no time to very original destinations that will stimulate employees interest and will help you achieve your proposed goals easier. The Team Building guarantees your company success and we guarantee the success of your Team Building effort. Whatever your destination will be, we will focus on the smallest details to offer prompt, convenient and always the “ heighest” services.

Events & IncentivesTotal Fly - Commercial Flights

There is a plane to meet any requirements. Congresses, meetings, conventions, Concerts, are some of the events with a strict agenda and organizing them leaves no space for errors. To meet the needs of the organizers to move guests, participants, personalities and VIP’s , Total Fly involves itself to make all work perfectly in the smallest details. The only problem remaining to the organizers will be to contact us.

For private events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and parties, Total Fly becomes your MC in flight. We will arrange that the party starts when the guests arrives at the airport and ends when they descend from the return flight.

In case you didn’t already know … Weddings can be legalized in flight too, by the aircraft commander.

Total Fly - Commercial FlightsPromotions

Custom flights are a great alternative as a prize for competitions, private fashion shows, new product launches and other promotion initiatives. Advertising and marketing agencies can provide this service for its customers. In addition the airplane can be branded outdoor and indoor depending on the availability of the air operators and safety rules in place.

Total Fly - Book an aircraft for your cargo flight
Cargo Flights

Total Fly offers cargo transportation services for any need, from small to large cargo tonnage, delivered quick and safely anywhere in the world.

Total Fly - Cargo Flights

Time can be an ally for your business because air deliveries can reach the destination where road, rail or shipping transportation may not be possible or can present disadvantages in terms of safety and costs.

Total Fly - Cargo FlightsDangerous Goods

Dangerous goods must always be transported safely, quickly and with careful monitoring 24/7. Air transport is considered the safest way to travel and Total Fly can guarantee that aerocargo is the best solution for moving high-risk products.


Total Fly - Cargo FlightsSpecial Transports

Total Fly can offer special transport of vehicles, machinery, aircraft components, oversized pieces. Opting for transportation of vehicles and equipment by aercargo may be the best choice to be ; whether its short-term delivery of products or fragile components that require extra safety, we can guarentee you the best services.



Humanitarian AidTotal Fly - Cargo Flights

Rapid humanitarian aid can save lives and help people in crisis situations caused by nature or humans. Humanitarian organizations around the world rely on the fast help provided by air transports of supplies and medical aid.



High Value TransportsTotal Fly - Private Jet Flights

Valuable consignments transportation complets the list of services offered by Total Fly Cargo. We understand and share the importance of high standards of security and confidentiality when it comes to pieces of art, currency, important documents or jewelry.

Total Fly - Medical Transport - Air Ambulance - Aircraft and Helicopters
Air Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation is one of the most important services offered by Total Fly due to the importance of the type of transport. Our network of operators worldwide are available 24h for 365 days a year.

Total Fly - Air Ambulance

Medical transportation means a a wide range of services that Total Fly offer to individuals, hospitals, organizations and insurance companies.

Total Fly - Air AmbulanceTransport of Patients

We will help you to find the right solutions for the transportation of patients internal and external of your country for emergencies or transfer. We cooperate with the most reliable Air Ambulance Operators in the world with the most equipped short and long range aircraft and helicopters for short transportation. Every aircraft or helicopter, according to the medical recommendations, it may be accompanied by medical team and medical equipment.


Total Fly - Organ Transportation - Medical CourierAir Medical Courier Services

Sometimes to move as quickly as possible, 24/7/365 make the difference. Especially when we have to transport human organs, blood, medicines or bone marrow for transplant or research. Shipments must be faster and secure. That’s why always more frequently, air medical courier services are the best solutions for this kind of delivery. Our staff is at your complete disposal for any kind of urgent medical transportation request.



Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation provides one or more person with air ambulance transportation services in case you need to be urgently evacuated from ships, oil platforms, war areas, terrorism act or natural disaster to the nearest qualified medical facility or transferred to your home country.We can provide special aircraft fon any number of passengers equipped for this kind of situation.


Total Fly Helicopters Transfer and Tours
Helicopter Flights & Services

The helicopter activity is a peculiarity of Total Fly. We offer an exclusive and highly professional service transfers, sightseeing flights and aerial work by helicopters.

Servizi Trasporto e Lavoro Aereo con Elicotteri

With The cooperation of our partners, we have the availability anywhere in the world helicopters (from 4 to 15 seats) that allow you to transfer people and material loads in places unreachable by conventional means.

Total Fly Touristic Flights With HelicopterTouristic Flights

We offer helicopter tours to scenic parts of the world! From the fantastic Alps of the Valle d’Aosta, or by the idyllic landscapes of the Venetian Lagoon, to the “Studios” film and the villas of Hollywood celebrities or to the landscapes of Hong Kong. See our webpage by clicking here!

Total Fly Helicopter Transfers Cities Oil Platform Diffcult Location


The helicopter is the best solution for short distances transfer. Helicopter is also the alone possibility to reach difficult area as the metropolis centers, oil platforms or simply to join the closest airport for a flight connection.


Total Fly Heli Ski Services


The Heliski is an exclusive experience to enjoy snow and fun!
The reliability of the helicopters, the professionalism of the pilots, the experience of mountain guides, Total Fly combines these three elements to give quality to the great Heliski emotion.
In winter and spring, lovers of snow powder could enjoy the vibration of emotional descents under the control of a mountain guide.

Total Fly Helicopters Aerial Working Firefighting Transport Material Aerial Video PicturesAerial Work

Custom flights are a great alternative for marketing and commercial campaign like products launching, private fashion shows and other promotional initiative.
The Advertising and marketing agencies can offer this kind of services to its customers including, in addition to transport, the aircraft customization if needed (service subject to availability).

Total Fly Rescue and Helicopter AmbulanceAir Rescue and Medical Transport

The helicopter is the best solution as air rescue and medical transport. Helicopters air medical have all the necessary equipment and on-demand medical staff are also available.

Total Fly Aviation Consultancy Aircraft Management
Aviation Consultancy

Total Fly is able to offer consulting services and management for:

– Purchase and selling of private and commercial aircraft, new or used;
– Research and purchase of spare parts;
– Technical management of private and commercial aircraft according to EU AIROPS
– Management and supervision of aircraft maintenance programs;
– Registration of aircraft at European and international aviation authorities (Bermuda, Malta, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Switzerland, etc.);
– Commercial management of aircraft;
– Search, selection, management and qualification of crew;
– Managing flight operations, planning and rostering.

Total Fly Aviation Consultancy Aircraft Management

In airports domain we cover:

– Advice on airport management;
– handlers supervision
– Consulting for technical manuals and procedures
– Consulting on project management of airport infrastructure;
– Consulting in human resources management for airports Authorities

Total Fly Aviation Marketing and Communication - PR and Events
Communication & Marketing

The Communication and Marketing services for the aviation and tourism offered by Total Fly go far beyond the services offered by a common advertising agency.


Our experience in the aviation industry and tourism, allows a direct and effective communication oriented to your target.

Total Fly also constantly updates its database of agencies and operators and geolocated customers around the world. Your commercial messages, with an analysis of target clients could reach directly your customers.

We are at your disposal from the creation of the image company up to the image campaigns, promotional or marketing internationally, our staff will know how to make effective your message and how to get a clear response.