About Us

Total Fly is an aviation broker that has as main objective the expanding of the business aviation market while offering exceptional services and making it accessible to a larger target.

The company started activity in 2011 based on ideas of a group of professionals in the aviation business. Our mission is to create a system of services dedicated to the final customer, travel agencies tour operators, aircraft operators and the community of aviation brokers.

Our services include:

Private Aircraft Charter flights
Private Aircraft Shared Charter Flights
Incentives, Business, Ad Hoc Charter Flights
Commercial Charter Flights
Aircraft in ACMI, Wet, Dry Lease contracts
Aircraft Sales
Aircraft Management
Cargo Services
Travel Services
Aviation Marketing and Advertising Services
We start making history in private flights with the premise that all has not yet been done. You are the full master of your time while we take care of the rest. Just pinpoint the place on the map where you need to be. We’ll make sure your destination is never too far. Our network range covers remote locations hardly reachable by commercial flights. We respect your traveling style with customized timing, destinations and aircraft. Just select a flight to reach your next destination on your own schedule. It’s as simple as this: your comfort is not an imposed standard, but our natural habit. Should you require a tailor-made solution for your traveling needs, contacting us is that small smart step you need to take. Leave the rest to us.
Either you are considering customized departures for an entire department or usually operating with charter air companies, our network and our strategic partners allow us to offer you the most appropriate solution every time. Selecting the fastest route, the type of plane adapted to the number of passengers and the best option for last minute booking are no challenges to us, but our daily routine.

Planned vacation or last minute booking? Our personnel is always ready to meet your demands. Finding the best solution is not a challenge, it is our daily routine. A spectacular wedding in the Bahamas, a spontaneous call for adventure in the Grand Canyon or a thoroughly organized team building in Switzerland – we translate every one of your holidays into ”ready to go”. We are what it takes to make your travel package complete. With a professional team trained to ensure the safest & cosiest flight, we are committed to offering the best travel solutions.

No cargo is too heavy for us. Either it is oversize, dangerous or of high value, our specialists will find the proper solutions to your specific needs. When we oversee it, your freight and our flight become one single goal. We create bridges over distances, while your cargo travels in class. While we understand global business at its right scale and meaning, we know it implies tight targets to attain. Meeting your business targets becomes our own business. Secure, timely, on budget – all it takes to make your trade flow for the best price/quality connection.
Our ability to offer you the right answer makes us your natural business partner.
For any other information, request or if you think we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.